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So You Want To Become Invincible?

You watched your favourite superhero film yesterday and now you want to become a superhuman. Well, it might be more possible than you think, and before you get any ideas, no webs will be shooting out your arms, so slow down there.

There's one main thing that powers our bodies and without it, we wouldn't survive, and seeing as this is a food page, of course, I am talking about food. There's one food item in particular that has a lot of vitamins and minerals all pact into it.

I'm talking about spinach, yes those small little green leafy things, the ones where no matter how many you cook, they all shrivel down into what only ends up looking like half of a leaf.

Okay, so how is this green leafy item going to help me become invincible?

For starters, spinach is packed with vitamin K, vitamin K is the vitamin that is in-charge of helping our blood to clot and essentially helping to close wounds up quicker. This means if you hurt yourself, the cut or wound has a greater chance of clotting, preventing you from losing lots of blood, which is great!

Spinach also contains large amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin helps to boost your immune system, kind of like your body's own fighting mechanism. The immune system is in charge of protecting your body internally from all the nasty bacteria and viruses that your body may encounter like coronavirus.

We were all fed a lot of milk when we were babies to help us ensure that our bones were nice and strong. Well, spinach also contains high amounts of calcium which continues to ensure that our bones and teeth are nice and strong. Calcium can make sure that our bones don't shatter on small impacts like falling over or bumping into something.

A handful of spinach contains a lot of protein, this helps repair all of our torn muscle fibres, essentially helping you to build more muscle. Spinach is also proven to be a superfood in terms of building muscle and many scientists have backed up this claim, that 'Spinach is Essentially a Steroid' - According to a 'MensHealth' article.

Additionally, spinach is crammed with vitamin A, and alongside vitamin C it can help protect your body from illnesses. Vitamin A also gives us the ability to see more clearer in low light areas, boosting our vision at night.

Along with all these vitamins, spinach is high in fibre, assisting with your gut health and making sure we are going to the toilet regularly, seeing as no one likes being constipated, eat your fibre! It also contains iron and other useful minerals that our bodies need.

There you have it, spinach is a superfood that can give us superpowers, and no this doesn't mean that eating spinach daily, means you can be crushed by a bulldozer and be okay, or get super strength and lift a car, so sit back down and don't try anything silly. It does, however, mean that eating this food can help you live good and healthy lives, but like all foods, we should be eating it in moderation and not going overboard.

In addition, all of these vitamins and nutrients are available in a variety of different foods, such as milk for calcium or oranges for vitamin C, so make sure you are getting a full and balanced meal as often as you can, trust me it will be beneficial for you in the future.

So you know what spinach is all about, but how do you cook it?

Well, the easiest way is that you don't, you can wash it and eat it raw, which is great in salads or sandwiches. You can, however, add it to pasta, curry's, or even blend it up with other fruits to make a health smoothie.,in%20vitamin%20K%20than%20spinach.

Disclaimer: Eating spinach will help with overall health and will not actually give you superpowers. Eating spinach should be done in moderation.

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