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Garlic Butter Chicken


- Chicken (2 Thighs)
- Corn Flour (3.5 tbsp)
- Spring Onions (2)
- Garlic (2 Cloves)
- Vinegar (1.5 tbsp)
- Butter (1 Thin Slice)
- Green Chilli (Optional)


(Serves 1)

1. Cut the chicken into pieces and place in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.
2. Add the cornflour (3tbsp) and make sure all the chicken is coated.
3. Dice the spring onions, green chilli, and finely cut the garlic.
4. Add 2tbsp of oil to a hot frying pan and once the oil is hot add the chicken.
5. Fry the chicken for about 7-8 minutes turning it regularly.
6. Once the chicken is cooked take it out of the pan and let it rest on a metal wire rack.
7. Add the slice of butter to the pan and when it has melted add the spring onions, garlic, and chilli and sauté for a few minutes.
8. In a bowl mix the cornflour (0.5tbsp) and 2tbsp of water and pour this into the frying pan alongside the vinegar.
9. Stir and fry for 1-2 minutes then add the chicken.
10. Sauté on high heat for another 2-3 minutes then serve.
11. Enjoy!

Nutritional Guide:


- Calories: 460kcal 
- Protein: 54.8g 
- Carbohydrates: 13.4g
- Fats: 25g 

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