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Paneer Manchurian


- Paneer (200g)
- Cornflour (2tbsp)
- Plain Flour (1.5tbsp)
- Chilli Powder (Half tsp)
- Garam Masala (Half tsp)
- Dark Soy Sauce (1.5 tbsp)
- Garlic & Ginger Paste (1tsp)
- Garlic (2 Cloves)
- White Onion (Half Large)
- Green Pepper (Quarter Large)
- Ketchup (1.5 tbsp)
- Chilli Sauce (Half tsp)


(Serves 1)

1. Cut the paneer into medium-thick triangle slices.
2. Finely cut the garlic and onions and dice the pepper.
3. Add the cornflour, plain flour, chilli powder, garam masala, garlic and ginger paste, salt and pepper to the paneer slices, and mix.
4. Add a splash of water and mix, so that the paneer is in a thick coating.
5. Add oil to a frying pan or wok and shallow fry the paneer on medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side.
6. Once fried allow to rest on a metal rack.
7. Add a tsp of oil to the wok and add the garlic, onions, and peppers and fry for 1 minute, constantly stirring so it doesn't burn.
8. Add the ketchup, chilli sauce, and soy sauce and cook on medium heat for another minute. Then add a splash of water and cook this for 3-4 minutes.
9. In a bowl mix 2tsp of cornflour with 2tsp of water and stir it, then pour this into the sauce and mix.
10. Finally, add the paneer and give it a good mix so it is all coated.
11. Serve with some spring onions and a slice of lemon.
12. Enjoy!

Nutritional Guide:


- Calories: 755kcal
- Protein: 46g
- Carbohydrates: 2g
- Fats: 66g

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