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Sonals Miso Ramen


- Ramen Noodles (80g)
- Miso Soup Paste
- Shiitake Mushrooms (3)
- Pak Choi (50g)
- Baby Corn (2)
- Carrot (1 Small)
- Garlic (1 Clove)
- Ginger (1 Piece)
- Soy Sauce (1tbsp)
- Tofu (35g)
- Egg (Boiled)


(Serves 1)

1. Make the Ramen noodles according to the packet instructions.
2. Mix the miso paste with 200ml of boiling water and stir till it's all dissolved.
3. Wash and finely cut the mushrooms, carrots, pack Choi, and baby corn.
4. Once the noodles are done, drain and set aside.
5. Add some oil to a hot wok, once the oil is hot, add the crushed garlic, grated ginger and cook for a few minutes.
6. Add the miso soup prepared earlier along with the vegetables and bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
7. Cut the tofu into small cubes.
8. Stir in the noodles and soy sauce.
9. Add the noodle soup to a bowl, followed by the tofu and a boiled egg.
10. Enjoy!

Nutritional Guide:


- Calories: 515kcal
- Protein: 22g
- Carbohydrates: 53.3g
- Fats: 19.6g

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