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How to Cook Rice?


Existing Recipes:

Rice is one of the most commonly eaten staple foods around the world and especially in Asia and Africa. It comes in many different types, from short-grained to brown rice.

How do I cook rice?
1. Wash the rice in tap water about 5 times.
2. Leave the rice too soak in water for about an hour before you cook it.
3. Drain the uncooked rice, and boil the kettle.
4. Add the uncooked rice to a saucepan followed by the boiling water and place this on medium heat for 9-11 minutes.
5. Once the rice is cooked and fluffy, drain and serve.

Why do I need to wash the rice?
Washing the rice helps to remove any excess starch that may be present.

Why do I need to soak the rice?
Soaking the rice helps the rice to absorb the water, this means that the cooking time is reduced.

When do I know that the rice is cooked?
The rice will be cooked when the grains are no longer hard.

How much water do I need to add to cook the rice?
As a general rule of thumb, it's a ratio of 2:1; 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice (or any other quantities with the same ratio) However, by monitoring the cooking you will know whether to add more water or not.

What if I want to make sticky rice?
Using short-grained rice will result in sticky rice.

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