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Is This Chicken Cooked?


Existing Recipes:

Chicken is one of the most common types of poultry eaten around the world. This type of meat is generally known as a form of white meat due to its pale colour before being cooked.

How do I know when the chicken is cooked?
Chicken when raw is generally pinkish in colour, when it is exposed to heat it will gradually turn white. The chicken is perfectly cooked once it has turned white inside.

How do I prevent the chicken from being burnt?
Adding slightly more oil to the pan or cooking it at a slightly lower temperature will prevent the outer layers from burning but it will ensure that the chicken is still cooked internally. Additionally, frequently turning it, will ensure that the outer layers are not exposed to a lot of heat at any point in time.

How long should I cook chicken for?
If you are pan-frying the chicken on medium-high heat, then 5-7 minutes on each side should be enough to cook the chicken through without burning it. If you are baking the chicken pieces/thighs/breast then a range of 22-30 minutes will be enough to cook it. However, make sure to always check the chicken is cooked through and if not, continue to cook it.

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