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Yolks or Egg Whites?


Existing Recipes:

Eggs have two main parts to them, the yolk which is orange/yellow in colour, and the egg white which as the name suggests, is white. Eggs are packed with protein and other vitamins. The yolk part of an egg contains more fat and calories when compared to the white part.

How do I know when an egg is cooked?
A raw egg has a yellow centre, representing the yolk, and a translucent outer which represents the egg white. When you cook an egg the outer part gradually turns white. When the outer part is pure white, this is when the egg is cooked.

What is the best way to cook an egg?
There is no right or wrong way to cook an egg, it all comes down to taste. The duration of which you cook an egg also depends on taste, as the longer you cook it the less runny the egg yolk would be. The main ways to cook an egg are:
- Boiled
- Scrambled
- Poached
- Fried

However, eggs are extremely versatile and can be used along with other ingredients to make new and exciting dishes such as quiche or omelettes.

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